Thursday, 8 September 2011

On Wednesdays we wear pink (on Thursday)

Yeah yeah yeah, So being rubbish, I haven't been wearing pink on Wednesdays! So today i've got a 2 in 1 pink look to make up for it (on Thursday) 

I bought a new polish in jack wills the other day. The 'Ravensthorpe' nail varnishes are actually quite good and at £6 are quite bargainous. They have a nice range of colours and what I liked about the shade I bought (blush) is that it dried really hard and shiny. I was worried with such a pastel shade and it is a nightmare to apply, but with 3 coats it doesn't get thick and sticky like some.

First I did a truly girly and glitzy pink look with various different glitters layered up on the tip using a sponge

Here it is:

The glitters I used were a pink nails inc. and the Andrea Fulerton gemstone topcoat (which is friggin amazing) but as per usual my camera doesn't show half the pretty that this created on my nails.

Secondly for you today I have the same Jack wills Blush varnish but this time with a kind of snow leopard effect with dark grey (nails inc.) leopard print and silver glitter accent.

Here that one is:

Love it!

Great colour and I've been wearing it lots recently, get down to jack wills then!