Thursday, 6 October 2011

grazing like a cow


Still long time no speak! I am beyond excited about my new discovery (for me at least)

It is a yummy and pretty website that sends you an amazing box of goodies each week. The box contains healthy and delicious mixes of nuts and fruit and things to snack on and to lure you away from that 5th big mac and 100th bowl of pasta.

The normal weekly rate is £3.50 which includes postage, I probably wouldn't mind paying this after receiving my first box (free with promo code) I was very impressed with its contents so I feel I could definitely get used to this!

What I really like is the range of seasonal and world food inspired names and themes they give things. For instance in my box I received a black and white chocolate fruit and Nut mix called 'Ying Yang', a thai inspired cracker mix called 'Tom Yum' a 'Hickory smoked' spice mix and Indian style black pepper crackers with mango dip.
(excuse camera phone pic)

I have only dipped into the Ying Yang one so far but it is all really fresh and yummy tasting. 

I think this idea is really great, probably won't make me any thinner as I am currently still eating everything that passes within a foot from my mouth but I hope it might make me feel a bit brighter and healthier with all the good antioxidants and vitamins etc. If you are interested in the Healthy side of things they also have nutritionally balanced healthy boxes that have less chocolate and more seeds. You also get a nifty personalised leaflet with every box that lets you know exactly how much of exactly what is in the food. 

As a bit of a foodie I love this concept and If you think you would too I have a couple of promo codes for a free first box like I had, message me If you want one (first come first served)


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