Monday, 22 August 2011

Bargain Hunter

I went to Westfield shopping centre on Saturday in Shepherds Bush (my first time since I live in Surrey). It was an amazing place to wander about and seemed to have quite different shops than my trusted Bluewater.

They have a shop there called 'Beauty Base' that I have never seen before on the high street and walking past I noticed they had a huge sign "nail polishes 99p!" I had to have a look didn't I? stepping inside, I'm not kidding you, I found the biggest selection of cheap nail polish I've ever seen in my Life by a range called 'LA Colors'. I bought 8 bottles including a nail hardener and quick dry top coat. I must say I'm really pleased with them. I chose autumny colours to match the jewel slightly 70s vibe in the shops and this is what they look like: L-R: 'Twilight', 'Spiced Cider', 'Moroccan', 'Merlot', 'Force' and 'Cactus' as well as their rapid dry top coat.

My favourite and what I'm wearing today is the really cool green called 'Cactus' The photo doesn't show it but it is a lovely mossy green with a gold and blue two tone. Since the end of the month is looming and I can't afford my lusted after Chanel Peridot I thought This is a good imitation! slightly darker but the same golden chrome in the light.

What Bargain nail polishes do you like?

xx Hannah

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