Monday, 22 August 2011

Hedgerow Cupcakes


Something a little different this evening... We spent a very grown-up Sunday hedge trimming the front drive, It looked like the end scene from disney sleeping beauty with the thorns and the sword and the dragon. Except it was just me, the Mr and a petrol hedge trimmer. By the end of a very stressful day I was in as bad a mood as the dragon.

With all the blackberries falling in the carnage I felt inspired to make something with the ripe ones. Blackberry cupcakes.

The recipe was a basic cupcake mixture googled and found on good to know here. My idea was to make a slightly funkier purple icing and I did this by making a syrup in a pan of water and sugar. I then simmered a handful of Blackberries in the mixture and passed the lot through a sieve. This intensely purple liquid then formed the base of my icing with icing sugar.

 They were pretty wonky and blobby to be honest but they were really tasty and seasonal and very cheap!

Happy blackberry season!

xx H
Results were as follows!

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