Wednesday, 31 August 2011

There's no Place Like Home

Its been a while yeah? Urghhh that's all I'm going to say...I've had the Mother of all coldy fluey things this week that just won't go and I've only now started to function, and blog, again.

The photos of this look aren't fantastic (the sun wasn't cooperating that day) but this manicure was captivating and I couldn't stop staring at the shimmery blood red of it. It reminded me so forcibly of the ruby slippers that I had to include it in this post. I wonder whether if i click these magical nails together 3 times they will take me home so I don't have to get the train?

This look was created by layering a sheer red transparent jelly polish over a bold gold glitter. The only thing I wasn't keen on was the texture as the glitter obviously made it bumpy. After these photos I added about 100 coats of topcoat!

Its maddening that the camera makes these look like simple red glitter! in reality The jelly over the glitter gives much more depth and a subtle shimmer but with plenty of colour punch that you rarely get from one polish with glitter suspended. Ah well you will have to try for yourselves and see. xx H

The polishes were nails inc. Victoria (which is a really shiny blood red jelly and is lovely on its own) and Shelton street (a very opaque brassy gold glitter)

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