Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fairy Zebra?

I know it sounds like I have a serious animal problem here but this is just what popped to mind. After the awesome Khaki leopard nails (with added moose) I was feeling something a little less fierce. I decided on a base of my fave beigey pink freebie with Instyle magazine a million years ago: Nails inc's creatively named "instyle mink" I added white essence stampy polish again with my Bundle Monster Plates in a zebra pattern. I hear you asking "why the fairy bit?" well that's down to a top coat of grown up glitter. Alessandro's 'pro white glitter' again its a German brand that I got on holiday. The glitter is very small transparent particles and it is not irridescent, just a simple clear-silver shimmer and its perfect and not too tarty with the zebra. There you have it... a fairy zebra of course.

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