Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fade to Twilight

So we all love a bit of Twilight right?

I have another cheap nail polish look to thrill you with. After noticing that one of my Bargain Hunter new swanky and insanely cheap polishes was called 'Twilight' the little cogs started whirring in the empty and dusty space called my brain and I came up with a moody fadey look with the denim blue of Twilight and a green/ silver chrome from urban outfitters. Its raining here at the moment... In August...In the South. I don't know how that's allowed but the weather in England does what it bloody well wants and the weather the past few days has been just like forks. I haven't seen any handsome vamps lurking in my garden though... just some pigeons and the sweaty builders next door. Anyway, I digress, the weather suits these nails:

They are a deliberately paint splatty ombre, fade look using LA colors 'Twilight' as a base (2 coats). I then used a cut off corner of dry kitchen sponge (I'm all about the glamour) to sponge on splotchy tips of urban outfitters 'Chrome Green' although it is really a silvery duck egg blue colour. The sponging was done lightly from about halway up the nail getting heavier toward the tip so the tip is really silver. I waited until the silver had dried to top-coat it in order to maintain the splatty texture. If you wanted to blend the two colours together more you could topcoat when still tacky to blend the silver in. Get it?


xx Hannah

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  1. I like your nails.