Monday, 22 August 2011

Recycled mani, Rock the Kasbah!

Hi again!
So I just couldn't leave it alone could I. I had a beautiful moss green on from my previous 'Bargain Hunter' Post and I just couldn't Leave it alone. The duo chrome of the polish was winking at me all day so I decided to add some Moroccan looking nail stamping in gold to enhance the green-gold with some more texture.

I used Bundle Monster plate201 for a kind of Fretwork pattern and Essence magnetics polish in 'Pixie Dust' to stamp the design. I love how it turned out, quite sophisticated and would look great with neutrals.

I quickly snapped some shots and here it is: a two for one blog post today!

It gives a really interesting lace effect especially when seen from further away, close up it reminds me of Moroccan lamps and bowls etc hence the awful name.

See yaz lataz


  1. that is a really cool technique.

  2. Thanks, this is all very new to me, congrats on being my first subscriber!