Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Its Ombre Hombre!

No I haven't gone insane... This is a nail look that in the good old USA is called 'ombre' I believe it is a word to describe anything (nails, hair, paint? cake even) that graduates from colour to colour or shade to shade. In England I don't know this word I would call the effect' Dip Dye' like 90s hair? I love the look of ombre nails and knew I has to try it myself.

You can change the look so much by the colour you choose but basically you just need a range of shades of one colour that are close in shade. Graduating from light to dark or vice versa.  If it's good enough for LC it's good enough for me (photo from

The colours I used for my version are as follows :

Revlon Scented nail polish in 'Peach Smoothie' (Don't buy it, It frigging stinks and everything you touch stinks when you wear it)

La Colours In 'Apricot' (really cheap 99p in fact from a shop called Beauty Base in Westfield)

Barry M in 'Block Orange'

Nails Inc 'st James's'

Nails Inc 'Picadilly Circus'

I will definitely be doing this look again, especially if i can get enough nude/ taupe colours together.

xxx H

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