Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Nailside, I salute you!

As anyone who does stumble across this blog will quickly realise... Its very new. I have been blogging for about 2 weeks now, though of course reading nail blogs for a little while longer.

This little post is a totally unashamed tribute to one of my fave nail blogs... Nailside. The girl who does this (Jane) does things with selotape that the rest of us mortals just cannot understand. She also has amazing nails and lovely swatches. Ok, enough brown nosing I hear you scream!

Last week I replicated one of her tutorials and these were the results. I got the idea from her explosion tutorial here which is perfect and amazing. I found my nails were too narrow and small to make 2 colours achievable which sucked but with practice who knows. Another thing I found quite difficult was to arrange the tape triangle so they make an even proportion explosion shape. Mine are very uneven but it still looked amazing and I got lots of praise for a nail art look that didn't require much of a stable hand.

The colours I used were 'LA colors spiced cider' and for the tip Urban Outfitters 'chrome green' Again apologies for the wonky pictures my camera is prehistoric and I am no photographer.

Thanks Jane for inspiring us all and befuddling us with just how you get your tape manis so neat!


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